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CNC Milling

The team to call for comprehensive CNC Milling solutions in Auckland

Computerised milling technology was initially utilised predominantly by aerospace engineers but has evolved over the decades to adapt to a wide variety of applications. Autolathing Engineering has a state of the art workshop headed up by highly experienced operators that can tackle any CNC Milling work that you need done. We work with clients from all over Auckland and beyond in the manufacturing, marine, mining and agricultural industries. If you need professional milling or tooling services, you need Autolathing Engineering. For a quote please contact our workshop today.

What is CNC Milling?

CNC Milling machines use computer numerical control to allow for a completely automated manufacturing process. Although milling machines are very similar to cutting and drilling machines, they have one clear advantage. The cylindrical cutting tool of a milling machine is able to move along all three axes (XYZ axes). This vastly increases the cutting possibilities to include almost any shape, slot or hole that you might need.

What are the benefits of computerised milling?

Computerised milling machines have been adopted in many engineering workshops due to the consistency of the output. By completely eliminating the chance of human error and production line variances, our engineers can offer you unparalleled precision. By minimising inefficiencies and material wastage, we can cut down on production costs and pass those savings on to you. For reliable and accurate results that you can depend on, make sure you speak to the team at Autolathing Engineering.
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